Who are we?

First and foremost, a group of friends who are passionate about the Minecraft universe. Since creativity is only limited by imagination, we want to offer players interactive, fun and creative experiences. And that's where the adventure begins. Originality... having fun playing... while cultivating a spirit of sharing. These are the values we try to convey at BeBlock.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

                                                                                                                                                                              Albert Einstein

With 20 years of experience in video games as players, and 8 years on Minecraft as creators, we have acquired an expertise in the realization of a project. This is what led our two profiles to focus on creating a duo. One bringing the mechanical side of our maps which allows a great interactivity of the player with his environment. The other bringing the graphic side to give the players an aesthetic vision of their experiences. It is this alchemy that is at the origin of BeBlock.

Our influences

Pop Culture

Gamers before being creators, our main influences are located in Pop Culture. You will therefore see in our projects a large number of references to games, movies or series and Japanese animation. All this translated through interactive mini-games. We hope you will have a good time on our cards.

Educational projects

Minecraft Education Edition is a complete educational tool that allows learning adapted to any situation. It is in this approach that we offer fun maps for all your educational projects. With a strong experience in digital training, we assure you a project followed and professional. For more information, go to the contact section of the site.

Help between players

For us, Minecraft is first and foremost a multiplayer platform. Indeed, we provide players with tools to facilitate their creative experiences. Feel free to download our tools designed to help you optimize your future projects!