Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1 - The website


  • Does the BeBlock site require registration?

The BeBlock site is totally free of access. You will be able to navigate easily on our pages without constraint.


  • How do I find the page I'm looking for on the BeBlock website?

To find the pages you need on the site, nothing could be easier: to find all our projects, go to "Our Blocks". There you will find our maps, mods and packs. If you want to know more about the studio, go to "About us". To contact the studio, go to the "Contact" page. All requests deemed inappropriate will be immediately deleted.

To find our networks, go to the bottom of the page. You can also see our "GTU" or the "FAQ". Finally, the is also available at the bottom of the page for any dispute/request concerning the products.



2 - The products


  • Where to find BeBlock products?

To find all the BeBlock products, go to "Our Blocks" and select the category you want. Then, click on the download button (the price is indicated directly on it) and you will be redirected to a payment platform that will ask you the usual information for an online purchase.



    3 - The networks


    • Why join the BeBlock networks?

    To join our networks, you will find a link available at the bottom of the BeBlock website. Subscribing to our networks gives you full visibility on current and upcoming projects. Also, the discord emphasizes the community aspect of Minecraft, so we encourage you to use it to participate in the different events organized by the BeBlock team throughout the year.